Types of properties available in the market and which one to choose

Types of properties available in the market and which one to choose

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Buying a new home and choosing the type of property is quite a daunting task for any individual. When deciding on the type of property you’d like to purchase, it is important to check what is actually available and what suits your lifestyle needs. There are several residential buildings to choose from i.e. waterfront, luxury and pet – friendly. Flats in Pune are generally classified under these three categories due to their perfect location and modern style construction. One can search the type of property in which he is interested. Real estate agents will help them in finding such property at an affordable price. Before choosing the property, one should generalize his needs and expectations from his new home and only then start hunting for the same. Below is the handy guide to the characteristics and benefits of each type of property.


As the name implies, waterfront property is a kind of residential house which faces any of the water bodies such as ocean, beach, river, canal etc. Flats that face water bodies are always in demand and command a premium price. Such type of property is specialized in offering peace and additional privacy. The view it offers to the home owners is really amazing and incredible. Such type of property is the most sought after one.

Luxury Property

Luxury property is yet another option for the buyers who are looking for the home that can offer them the lavish lifestyle. In order to buy luxurious homes, one should have a great budget. We all know that luxury in India is growing at a slow pace but it is true that it has never faced any setback. The price of the property increases as the level of luxurious facilities increase. A luxury home is the one which is technologically competent, nicely constructed in perfect location, and sort of trend setter. It is advised to set your budget first and only then start looking for such lavish homes. The higheryour budget, the more luxury you’ll get.

Pet–Friendly Property

Pets are very close to our heart and are like our family members. But it is important to know that all properties are not pet–friendly. Finding a property that accepts pets are pretty difficult nowadays due to the no–pet clause of the property owners. Well, nothing is impossible and real estate agents can help you to get rid of such situation. Pet–friendly property is the one that entertains the pets in the society/complex. This type of property is the most difficult to find and thus, it charges additional cost and demands high price.

It is a bit hard to choose the type of property and that’s why it is recommended to outline your expectations first and only then commence the home searching process. Let the real-estate agent know about your demands so that he can offer you the various options to choose from. You should opt for the one that satisfies your demands and does not hurt your pocket much. Each type of property is suitable but you should go for an option that fits your lifestyle. The buyer should make choice that whether he would love to have waterfront, or he would like to live a lavish lifestyle in luxurious home. The options are the best but you should go for the one that fulfills your need. Blend your budget and expectations, start searching for the flats and then try to crack the best deal.

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