Quick Things To Know About Listing Your Property On MLSs

Quick Things To Know About Listing Your Property On MLSs

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For the longest time, licensed real estate agents have managed to keep secrets within the community. While it has certainly helped the agents and brokers, buyers and sellers often didn’t have any clue how things worked behind the closed doors. When it comes to getting your property listed for sale, you ideally have two choices – Sign up for one of the “free” real estate websites and wait for buyers to contact you or get in touch with an agent. There’s also a third choice – Get your property listed on multiple MLSs, including SWMRIC, using a real estate broker’s flat-free listing service. Yes, you read that right. Here’s what you need to know before taking the final call.

How does it work?

MLSs, for the uninitiated, refers to Multiple Listing Services. There can be many such websites for a particular region, and usually, brokers have access to these MLSs sites. If you want to get your property listed, there are a few steps to follow

  • First, find a Flat Rate Fee Broker in your area. These brokers don’t charge you anything beyond a fee for getting your property listed, so you are in control of how the deal goes ahead. Another advantage is the professional marketing help, which is exactly the same you would get from a traditional Realtor, but without the high commission that they charge for listing.

  • Next, your home will be listed on MLSs and relevant platforms, so that buyers can get in touch. Everything will be done online, which ensures complete transparency at all levels. Also, there is no time wastage involved. The offer can be rejected or accepted, but the decision would be almost instant.
  • Finally, you need to make changes to your listing, the same can be accommodated for no extra costs. The better services and brokers don’t have any expiry terms for the listing, so the property remains visible and accessible to potential buyers until it’s sold. It will be transferred to Realtor.com. once the procedure is complete, and usually, that doesn’t take more than three days.

Selling your home doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. You can make the most of available resources and can get all the advantages that are typically associated with MLSs. Why pay for an expensive real estate agent’s listing service, when you can get things done for a flat fee? Check online right away

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