Online Estate Agents – A Fair Deal At Last

Online Estate Agents – A Fair Deal At Last

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For many decades, the real estate market in the UK was very much in the hands of the high street estate agent, who would typically offer to sell your home for a commission on the sale price. A nice arrangement for the estate agent, when you consider he would likely make a couple of thousand pounds from the sale, which the seller has to pay, and as there were no viable alternatives in the days before the digital revolution, we have come to accept that, like taxes and bank charges, estate agent fees are a nasty fact of life. Yet, like all things, this had to change, and the arrival of the Internet heralded a breath of fresh air for the property owner who wishes to sell, as online real estate dealings developed, and this provides the homeowner a cost effective way to sell their property, and it isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg.

Digital Middeman

When you consider the role of an estate agent, he is merely a broker who has a system of offering properties for sale, and modern solutions mean that a single property advertised online can reach more potential buyers that any high street estate agent could even come close to. Costs are much lower for the online estate agent, as he neither requires a high street retail outlet, which is very expensive, nor does he need to employ reception staff, as the viewing is arranged online, when a buyer is interested, having seen the property details on a website. If, for example, a person needed estate agents in Havering, an online search would have the website of several online agents, and with literally thousands of properties on offer, it is the ideal place for the buyer.

Reasonable Cost

With more and more homeowners turning to online estate agents to sell their property, don’t be surprised to see the traditional corner estate agent disappear, and with a more efficient service at a much lower cost, it looks like the future is not so rosy for the traditional estate agent. The oil industry is about to go through a major downsize, and this is due to the arrival of clean, renewable energy, and like the real estate industry, the future is uncertain. From the seller’s perspective, online estate agents are a very attractive alternative, and aside from having a wide audience, the service is very affordable and certainly would not run into thousands of pounds.

Reaching Maximum Audience

In order to have any chance of a quick sale in today’s market, you have to reach a significant portion of the target group (those who are looking to buy in your location) and the Internet is the platform to achieve this. Any established online estate agent would have an extensive list of all types of properties, and would probably run on a national level, making things really convenient for the buyer, as they can find any location at a single website.

This is indeed a refreshing addition to the property industry, and the benefits fall firmly in the hands of the seller, who can save considerably and enjoy a quick sale in the process.

Fanni Fazad

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